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From: Brian Miller

Stony Brook Athletics

Assistant Athletics Communication 


Phone #: 631-609-0634

E-mail: brian.j.miller@stonybrook.edu

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Tulane Athletics

Writing Samples:

From: Curtis Akey

Former Tulane University Athletics

Assistant Athletics Communication Director

Phone #: 504-495-4073

E-mail: curtis@itc4promos.com

Game Day Duties Included:

  • Head Coach and Player Interviews
  • Stat Crew Caller for Basketball and Volleyball
  • Fill-in PA Announcer and Official Scorer for Tulane Baseball
  • ​Statistics Runner
  • Tulane Athletics Social Media Updates
  • Baseball Stat Crew Inputter
  • Scoring Summary
  • Player Participation Charts
  • Photos and Photo Gallery

Office/Day-to-Day Duties Included:

  • Transcribing interviews/press conferences
  • Writing stories and releases for the Tulane Athletics website on women's bowling, golf, beach volleyball and football
  • Handing all necessary Bowling SID duties, including updating statistics after tournaments
  • Creating graphics and GIFs using Adobe Photoshop
  • Updating player bios
  • Creating media credentials
  • Setting up press conferences
  • Tagging and sorting photos
  • ​​Logging statistics

August 2012 to May 2016